Project structure and consortium

The project DISTINGO started on December 1st 2019 and will run for 40 months, ending its research activities on the 31st of March 2023.

The project is led by HI Iberia Ingeniería y Proyectos in Madrid (Spain) and undertaken by a diverse and committed pan-european consortium from three different countries (Spain, Turkey and Austria) composed of the following companies:


HI Iberia Ingeniería y Proyectos, S.L. are the consortium coordinators and will focus on improving the appeal of several of their nascent R&D lines into fully fledged products useful in the smart locker market. Thus, semantic modelling will be proposed to make a common data model for applications and data storage that covers all of the different interactions in the different business models approached by DISTINGO: B2B2C, C2C, C2C2B and similar permutations. Since most of them require the same actors managing the same data but using different streams, semantics offer a promising solution to manage this. In addition, HI Iberia have expertise in using AI for computer vision and data analytics coming from different domains (e.g., self-driving vehicles, healthcare person tracking) which can be put to use within the smart locker or in its surroundings.

Quobis are experts in the manufacturing of integrated IoT solutions that incorporate sensors, actuators and data processing. They will focus on the provision of Real Time control systems (A/V) with constrained channels (ca. 300 kbps for video and 100 for audio) that can be used upstream in processing to extract high level features. They will also seek connection to APIs of related existing services (e.g., C2C second-hand market apps). For some of the activities that are envisaged (integration of biometric identification) they will seek extra academic help through a subcontract to be established during the national application phase, further widening the benefit to the Spanish technology spectrum.


BEIA Consult International is a R&D performing SME, founded in 1991, and one of the leading providers of ICT solutions and services in Romania for cloud communications and IoT telemetry. BEIA is ISO certified and has experience in coordinating and participating in more than 40 R&D and Innovation projects (FP6, FP7, H2020, Eureka, etc.) with ongoing security projects (ALADIN, ODSI, 3DSafeguard, SealedGRID, SAFECARE, ToR-SIM, VIRTUOSE). In DISTINGO BEIA will take advantage of the new available opportunities. In Austria, DISTINGO project funding will allow and extend the adoption of smart lockers technology at national level and market.