The primary objective of DISTINGO is to create a new generation of smart locker distribution systems whose operation is easy to understand, easy to use and dynamically reconfigurable. Lockers may be used to store, distribute, or share items of any kind, and will be dynamically associated with specific services and features based on their content, but also user and system operator usage and requirements. This new type of distribution system will make use of the distributed processing, acquisition, and action capabilities made available by the underlying infrastructure. This will help the system to better adapt to the requirements related to the content and the new uses defined by all the actors in the chain, the end users, but also the logistics specialists or operators of the distribution system infrastructure or fleet.

  1. Dynamic distribution systems. DISTINGO will seek, through the use of Fog Computing, to optimize key factors in intelligence in the infrastructure, by limiting the number of cabinets paired with the sensors by joining these sensors between the cabinets (ability to move the sensors from locker to locker), the ability to optimize storage space where needed.
  2. Dynamic device management. It will seek to include a dynamic and secure route to remotely update devices and deploy new services, as well as centralized and local administration interfaces that allow the operator to quickly and efficiently control the infrastructure and devices.
  3. Standardization of building blocks and interfaces. The interoperability of software blocks is vital to be able to offer dynamically reconfigurable cabinets. The interfaces between each component must be standardized for functional aspects.
  4. Improve the user experience. A description of the multi-channel user journey, standardized if possible, and compatible with standard device management protocols, as well as an application for smartphones, will be specified and developed.